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Onshore Fumigation Service Providers

As certified onshore fumigators with Australian Quarantine Inspection Service, we provide a mobile fumigation service. The commodity to be fumigated will be inspected by our qualified staff to ensure sufficient airflow can be attained within the container or loose packed items, and also to ensure the commodity is suitable for fumigation. A certificate of fumigation and clearance will be provided by our office upon completion of fumigation.

Current Contracts

• Fruit
• Grain
• Borer treatment of antique furniture
• Tyres
• Food processing machinery
• General freight
• AQIS treatments for export hardwood wood chip in ship holds
• All import/export general freight
• ISPM15 wood packaging material treatment
Our Certifications
We are an Australian Quarantine Accredited fumigation service provider for import and export commodities.
       AFAS AA Registration  Number:T1271
  • DAFF Methyl Bromide  Accredited
• SAI G LOBAL AWPCS Accredited
                        • AWPCS ISPM15 Timber Fumigation Accredited
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