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Pest Control Solutions

When pests invade your home or workplace, call our pest control specialists. We have years of experience and all the necessary equipment to put your pest problems in the past. At Prime Pest Control Specialists, we deal with all sorts of creepy crawlers and critters. Our solutions are always safe and effective. 

• Ants • Bees/Wasps • Fleas • Flies • Silverfish • Cockroaches • Millipedes • Bed Bugs 
• Rats & Mice • Possums • Birds • Spiders • Feral Cats • Mosquitos • Stored and General Pests 

We also offer bird repellent application.

Residential - Pest management for your home

When bed bugs, cockroaches and other pests decide your home is their home, professional pest control is a must. Pests even cause problems outdoors. Wild birds carry diseases and rabid animals bite. Our service can prevent or eradicate all pests and vermin. Our team of pros can get the pests out of your personal space, and help keep them away. We use the newest and most reliable pest management methods to ensure your home stays pest-free all year long.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to keeping your household safe inside and out; instead call us. Our team will listen to you to find out exactly what you need from us. Then we will inspect your property, and provide you with a customised, cost-effective treatment plan. Our methods are always safe, and we conduct our service with minimal disruption to your household. Our goal is to make sure you become one of our many satisfied customers. 
Commercial - Pest management for your workplace 
When pests take over, it is bad for business. Pests can cause structural and equipment damage, present health risks, contaminate food and hurt your business’s reputation. If customers notice pests, they may take their business elsewhere. For prompt pest control solutions, call in our commercial pest control crew. Our pest management systems have proven effective for eradicating or preventing all pest and vermin problems that may occur at your business. Our fully qualified technicians will inspect your site and can implement a pest control servicing program to suit your budget.

We work with a diverse range of clients including the following: 

• Government Agencies • Food Manufacturers & Distributors • Beverage Distilleries & Wineries
• Aged Care Facilities • Hospitals • Hotels, Motels • Council Buildings • Child Care Facilities

We provide all documentation and service reporting of pest management for your site to AIS standards and HACCP standards or your company's individual standard that's required for auditing.  
Industrial - Pest management for your facility 
Pests can cause some serious problems for industrial facilities and factories. The risks include disease transmittal, equipment damage, machinery entrapment and possible fires due to blocked vents and chimneys. If you know or suspect there’s a pest problem at your facility, it’s best to call us right away. 

We offer state-wide services for all wood pests, grain pests, stored pests and all general pests, rodents, birds, possums and feral cats.
Rural - Pest management for your farm 
Pests can cause some serious damage to your livelihood. Fortunately, we can stop pests and rodents from damaging or destroying your crops, poultry and storage facilities. Our fully qualified technicians can use nontoxic or toxic application options to eliminate any contamination of food products. 

A silo and grain (protection treatment) can be implemented with a minimum 24-hour withholding period. Silo and grain (fumigation) can also be implemented with a minimum 7 to 10 day withholding period.
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